Feb 15 • 48M

Episode 4: "Republicans and the Importance of Race Self-Identification for Black Americans"

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Adam B. Coleman's attempt at making sense of the world
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This episode stems from the following tweet that I sent out. Some misinterpreted it as me saying that Republicans should act like Democrats by pandering to them 24/7 or that this is more personal to me and how I self-identify; this is incorrect.

What I’m actually saying is they should do at least the minimum if they’re actually trying to widen their party’s tent: accept them.

This is a political analysis of how you bring people over to your side. First, you have to understand them and then you should accept them.

In this episode, I explain in greater detail why I tweeted this and what I believe Republicans are overlooking when it comes to the topic of race for black Americans, especially black conservatives, and their avoidance of legitimate race discussions since the start of the anti-woke movement.